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durch Vincenzo 31st Jul 2015

Über mich

I live alone in the country, in a small house, surrounded by coultivated land, where there is the garden and the orchard for personal consumption. The nearest village is far 10 km. During the day, I'm often out for my work. At weekends I love practising outdoor activities as trekking, climbing, nordic walking, sky mountaineering and MTB. My job is in IT and sometimes I do the hiking guide. I love nature and exploring new places. I like reading and know new cultures.

Arten von Freunden

I would like to give hospitality to some with web marketing knowledges, tourism and grafic disign in order to promote sustainable tourism activities. I would like to better my English knowledge for this reason I'd like practising with the volounteer. The volounteer should be a good companion for hiking, passionate about plants, flowers and animals like me.

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